From time to time, animators and motion designers have to put together our showreel, and it's always an opportunity to create something free of clients’ constraints.

The box was in my head since I was moving from Washington DC to Milan. And, as in an airplane, there is limited space to bring things with you. In real life and in the After Effects’ timeline, I had to arrange and rearrange pieces to make them fit.

So many Iterations...
I like registering the process to see how shapes evolve from blocking to final.
Sometimes I got trapped tweaking and re-tweaking tiny details, which wasn't possible before Redshift's speed.

The most challenging part of this project was creating the dynamic objects flying out of the box. There is a lot of randomness (and geometric issues) while creating these simulations.
The only solution is trial and error , iterating in small amounts.

The easiest way to store all the versions I created was to bake them as Alembics. These files solidify the simulation and give some playback manipulation options that help to fine-tune the final result in a non-destructive way.
Here's the same simulation with different time remapping settings.

This project explores how to use the browser as the renderer for 3D content to create an at-your-own-pace interactive animation.
Animating from code is so different from what we're used to, definitely slower since there's no keyframes' visual representation.
Despite that it feels and looks different from the video, it's interesting the possibility of creating more tailored storytelling.

January, 2022.

Sorry, It looks better on a bigger screen.

Go to box.vicv.co on your PC.